First, before I even begin to spout information like a madman, I would like to reassure you I am not allowing myself to be a biased writer. I appreciate both operating systems for what they offer; each one contains their own unique style of getting things done. Today I will talk about a few features Android has that can easily be seen as an advantage over the iOS.

                                                   Total Interface Customization

androidWith the new iOS8, Apple has chosen to stay with the same look they have had for many years. Even though some might argue that it’s better to not mess with something that works, I disagree and love to see tech evolve. The Android allows for a fully customizable interface, widget, themes, sounds, and icons. Take control of your own device and create something that fits your own lifestyle. Having the ability to customize has always been an advantage in my eyes; make your mobile device yours.

There are many applications available on the market for you to customize icons to your liking, and make downloading animated themes simple.

Multiple Accounts

Have you ever shared a mobile device and had someone mess up everything you had set up? With Android, everyone can have their own profile, which they can customize with pictures and themes. If you are worried about the little ones, you can also set age restrictions on profiles to prevent certain websites or applications from showing up. Each profile can be set up with a password to allow that extra layer of privacy; if you have a family, Android can please everyone.

The iOS has one account and cannot be customized even to a fraction of the Android.

Free Applications

One of the best features on the Android is the expansive library of applications provided in the Google Play Store. You can find something for everyone and many are free applications, from video games to books. If you are a family person and share your account with children, this can be incredibly useful, as kids can never stay on one game more than a few hours nowadays.

The iOS provides some free applications but the majority is pay apps and can actually cost you a pretty penny.

Quick Tip:  If downloading apps or playing games on unsecured networks or public Wi-Fi, it is highly recommended that you use a virtual private network, or VPN,to protect your data from being hacked. A VPN can also change your IP address to allow you to download foreign games as well, as some countries restrict access to many websites and apps.

Social Media and Sharing

Who doesn’t like to share a little information every once in a while with friends? With the Android operating system you get a larger amount of default media sharing options including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. The Google Play Store also offers many standalone options which can enhance your sharing experience compared to the iOS devices.


Do you hate complicated things? Well you are going to love how easy it is to transfer your media over to an Android mobile device. With its easy drag and drop feature you can just connect your device to the computer and drop all the music you want into a folder, unplug and fully enjoy. The iOS uses iTunes to transfer music over and can be a bit of a pain for any newcomer, as it takes a long time to get used to the user interface. I personally love being able to transfer my music within minutes and then head out of the house.

I hope these simple features can really help you see Android on another scale. I would definitely recommend the Android to all level of users, especially newcomers, as it can be a simple operating system,and yet can grow more complex as you learn.


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