Mobile apps when created and implemented correctly have the ability to impact people’s lives and make their everyday living easier. The 5 apps below are our top recommendations:


  1. Mailwise.

Mailwiseis an email app that will definitely make your life easier by bringing some organization into it. Indeed, this app will save you time during the day and will sort and manage all your emails for you. This very simple app will regroup all your email by level of importance and will help you to successfully get to an inbox zero. Mailwise won’t let your inbox be overtaken by spammy and ordinary messages.It will considerably help you by highlighting the most important emails messages. With Mailwise, your life will be organized, your friends won’t feel left aside because you forgot to answer them, and your boss will see you excel in organization like never before.

  1. Flush-Public toilet Finder.

We all know, that when we have to go, we have to go! It is sometimes difficult to restrain yourself, especially when you don’t know how long it will be until you will be able to find a toilet. Flush-Public Toilet Finder will tell you exactly where the closest public restrooms are from you (it has a list of more than 100,000 public restrooms around the world). This app is available for everyone, and has information on disability access, key requirements and also user reviews. Flush-Public Toilet Finder knows that it will be used to come to the rescue and can be used offline for times when you don’t have Wifi or 3G available. Also, when it is not an emergency (yet), people sometimes like to know if they will have to pay or not to go to the bathroom, therefore, this app also locates and mentions when there is a fee at the entrance.

  1. Shazam

It can often be frustrating to be somewhere (in a restaurant, in a hotel, in your car, etc..) to listen to some music and not have a clueabout the artist.If like me, you often hear a song but cannot connect it with a name or artist, Shazam will assist you in few seconds and will relieve you from words at the tip of your tongue. This free app can identify asong in few seconds even if your background is noisy to ensure you won’t miss the track of the moment (that everyone is talking about), and you will get personalized recommendations based on your taste. Shazam is a must to make your life easier by staying up to date and on top of the latest music trends.

  1. Waze

For those of you that don’t have a sense of orientation (like me), we all know that it is a real handicap in life. Indeed, there is nothing more frustrating than when you need to go somewhere, (work related, shopping or meeting with friends) and you have no idea how to get there:Waze will definitely save you in those times. This navigation app will tell you exactly what road will bring you quickly to your destination. Also, if you are stuck in traffic, Waze will tell you exactly how late you will be, the reason for the trafficjam (car accident etc…) Waze will literally be your co-pilot in life. It will indicate everything that you need to know on the road – speed traps, police, traffic etc…. Also, if you are stuck in traffic, this app will automatically redirectyou to another road in order to bring you to your destination faster. Waze will definitely make your life easier when it comes to getting from one place to another.

5. KeyMe

KeyMe is an app that will facilitate your life and will help you to easily have a backup key. With KeyMe, you don’t need to worry about getting locked out.To use it,you just need to scan your key into the app and get a digital copy of it mailed to you or waiting for you in any automated kiosks. Don’t wait to get lock again before downloading this app. With KeyMe, your friends and family will be able to access to your securely stored key. If you go on vacation and want to leave a key to someone you trust, you won’t have to make a spare key, this app will take care of everything for you. This app will simplify your life, release it from useless stress and fear of forgetting your keys somewhere.

Enjoy downloading and using these 5 apps to make your life even just a bit easier. With this list of useful tools, you will be on your way to saving money, time, and effort.