We have come a long way since the beginning of automobile industry in the country. Numerous inventions over the years have changed the way how Indians travel. We can now ride a car very easily and also in a more comfortable manner, thanks to the many new developments in areas of safety, comforts, entertainment, navigation, fuel economy and many others. Autoportal in this feature, points out five important car technologies that may be seen here soon.


Intelligent Headlight system

In India, it is seen that majority of the drivers keep their car’s headlights on full beam throughout the drive. This high intensity light almost blinds the other driver in the oncoming car. The latest multi-beam LED headlight system introduced by Mercedes Benz intelligently controls the beam of light depending on the oncoming traffic, done with a set of forward cameras. These lovely looking lights will make driving at night much simpler.

Hydrogen fuel

In the current age of high fuel prices and rising environment pollution, the option of a new cleaner and sustainable fuel is of much significance. In a new system, cars will be fitted with a batterywhich needs to be refilled with hydrogen gas. It willthen produce electricity to power the vehicle and the only emission will be water vapour. But then a major problem sensed here is the set-up of fuel stations that are specially required for generating and storing hydrogen in a safe manner.

Remote Disable function

Several security systems like engine immobilisers, remote central locking, car alarms etc. have reduced the theft of cars significantly. Now we can be even safer by a new feature called remote disabling. Here a cloud service connects all the vital on-board systems of the car and the owner can track every move of the car and even able/disable all its functions remotely. This means that no one can drive away with your car and more, could be stopped easily if managed to get away.

Emergency Steer Assist

This feature is more or less an extension of currently widespread Emergency Brake Assist. ESA works with your electric steering frame to vary the torque by direction and thus very convincingly suggests the proper steering wheel motion. Suppose you need to turn sharply to the left, this system increases the torque in the clockwise motion greatly, making it easy to turn the wheel counter clockwise.

Intelligent Tyre System/Fill Assist

A new type of tyre sensor efficient than current tyre-pressure monitoring sensors is also on the cards. These sensors will alert about air pressure when more load is detected and even notify about weary tyres or road conditions. These sensors also communicate with ABS and ESC optimizing for a given tyre pressure. Source :- Autoportal.com