Best 5 REASONS TO BUY PHONES UNDER 20K We all love to purchase the latest cell phones with various features but sadly our budget doesn’t  let us do so. Most of the people tend to splurge while buying a phones but this isn’t the best thing to do.  While purchasing a smartphone, it is very essential for the buyer to know about the price as well as various features. Paying 50,000 for a phone which has the same features like a 20,000 isn’t exactly  a smart move. If you are on your way to purchase a cellphone then read these 5 reasons why you should purchase a mobile under 20000. Budget friendly Buying a smartphone usually tends to spoil our budget and makes us sacrifice on some commodities for quite a few months. What if I tell you that you can go buy yourself a really nice phone without hampering your budget? Shocked? Don’t be. Today the market is flooded with various cellphones that are budget friendly. You can easily buy a mobile under 20,000. Same features like an expensive cell phone If you compare mobiles under 10,000 or 20,000 with a phone of Rs 40,000 or 50,000 you may find extreme subtle differences. Almost all the features that makes people crazy about cell phones are found in  a phone under 20k.  So instead of spending lot of money for a few different features, spend it on a little cheaper phone which will provide you with the best features as well. Dual SIM as well as good picture quality Mobiles under 20000 also comes with the privilege of a dual SIM  and you don’t need to splurge a lot of money on a costly cell phone for this reason.  Most of the people have a notion that the costlier the cellphone, better the picture quality. But this isn’t true. Cheaper phones also come with a good picture quality. Some cheaper smartphones have much better picture quality than some very expensive smart phones. So instead of buying  a costly phone just for the sake of  a good picture, buy a little cheaper one which provides good picture quality and doesn’t hamper your budget. Perfect for this generation Every youngster now knows all about the latest and costliest cell phone in the market yet cannot splurge much on one single phone as this would mean no more gadgets for them.  Smartphones under 20000 are like a boon to the people who can spend their money on a good phone as well as save some for other electronic gadgets. Read Also: Nokia Upcoming Android Smartphones in India Variety of options The best smartphones under 20000 come with a variety of options. Several companies are releasing mobiles under 20,000 and with each company coming up with at least 3-4 different handset’s every now and then, the market is overflowing with a lot of different varieties. People who tend to go for high end, expensive devices don’t have that freedom. There are just 2-3 companies that are producing android mobiles near the 50k mark and they release mobiles just once in a year.