Apple MacBook Air is one of the most popular digital products all over the world. One thing that distinguishes that Netbook cum Ultra-book is its long battery life. Consumer like this product due to light weight by which one can use it while carrying easily. Apple released its first MacBook Air in early 2008. With this product Apple was able to give a new height to its company. However the starting for this product was not much good. It faces a hell lot bugs in earlier versions like overheating etc. Apple released its latest MacBook Air in early 2014 and it was proved out to be a big profitable hit for the company. This is the reason rumours are coming for the specs of MacBook Air 2015. So today we will take a closer look on the expected specs of Apple MacBook Air 2015. Macbook-Air-2015-retina Sleek and Light Weight Body – Apple launch its most products with stylish look. MacBook Air is one of those products who mainly attract consumers due to its body design. In 2008 It was released in the market with slogan lightest laptop. And Apple is still sticking with that slogan. It is rumoured that this time Apple will launch its MacBook Air in three different sizes which will be 11.6 inch, 12.5 inch and 13.6 inch. According to our sources it is almost confirmed that this time Apple will shift the weight of 11 inch MacBook Air less than 1 KG. Apart from this no big change will occur in the design. There will be one slot for headphone and Mic on left side. Two slots for USB will be provided for external flash memory attachment. And one SD card slot will be provided on the right hand side on MacBook Air 2015. It is possible that Apple will introduce this MacBook Air with some new colours. Retina Display Confirmed – In a time when it is common to see QHD display in smartphones, it is important to put at least retina display on the laptops. It was rumoured that Apple will launch its MacBook Air 2014 with retina display. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with it. But this time it is almost confirmed that new MacBook Air 2015 will feature retina display. Intel Broadwell 2x GHz processors – In 2014 MacBook Air, Apple didn’t make any big changes in its MacBook Air. They just upgraded the clock speed of the processors to 1.5 GHz. It is rumoured that Apple will insert advance Intel Broadwell core processors in MacBook Air 2015. These processors will give the best performance and it will also consumer less battery. Apart from this Apple will also upgrade to graphics to Intel 5300 to enhance gaming experience on MacBook Air. A 4 GB Ram will backed these hardware configurations for better performance. Amazing 14 hours Battery Life – MacBook Air used to give a battery life of up to 11 hours. But with the Broadwell core processors, much battery will be saved. So it is rumoured that Apple is working to make the battery life of MacBook Air 2015 of up to 14 hours.