Apple iPhone is one of the popular brands that are available in the marketplace these days. Finally, apple has announced to launch the new 4-inch iPhone in the coming months. Apple iPhone is popular and unique in its way. You can experience the new technology and the world of the Smartphone through the apple iPhone. The specifications and the features of the phone are just awesome. In this way, you can explore the new world of apple iPhone se Have a glance at the features and the specifications of the apple iPhone Design You will be mesmerized by exploring the attractive design of the iPhone se. you will get the matte edges design. It is little similar with the iphone5s but it is different completely. It is compact, smaller and the pocket able. This means that you can carry your iPhone se in your pocket easily. it has the11g  weight and it opts for the flat edges over round. It has the completely aluminum body and its measurement is 123.8×5.6×7.6mm which makes it a bit thicker than the previous models of the iPhone. You can pick the different color of iPhone se by using the Expansys coupons. You can choose from space grey, rose gold, gold and silver. Display You can explore the world through the 4inch display. It is ideal for those people who don’t want to9 have the large display on their Smartphone. You can perform the different task only at one tap. You don’t have to struggle with it even when it has the 4-inch display. In simple words, you can say that you can do your work easily without any display problem. Iphone lovers can take price discount from Flipkart discount coupons. Camera You can enjoy the 12-megapixel camera which means that iPhone se is capable of recording 4k video and can take the live photos. You will love to capture the photos as it has the best camera quality. It is ideal for the selfie lovers and they will enjoy the capturing the pictures through the new iPhone se. you can capture the soft and the smooth images through the iPhone se. Specifications and hardware Iphone se has the M9 motion and the A9 chip co-processor due to which the performance of the iPhone se is excellent. You can enjoy the 2 GB of ram and the battery capacity of the iPhone se is not too bad. Iphone se supports the apple pay through which you can do any hard task easily. Software Iphone se come with the ios9. You will get the best experience when you will use the iPhone se with the live photos. You can discover the different feature when you will use the iPhone se. many more features are there that you will come to know when you will use the apple iPhone. In simple words, you can say that the apple phone is ideal for those who really want to make a difference.