Software industry has dramatic growth in India from few decades, with such improvement India is emerging as an economy with techno-savvy manpower building an impressive and huge IT industry. Every year we have lot many engineers graduating, and searching the jobs mainly in the IT industry. Software development is a prolonged cycle with several stages. Main and essential part of the software development encompasses fixing of error or bug. Fixing bug forms an essential part because it generally, makes the product to come to halt. Fixing run time bug is really an arduous task. What is Bug? Bug refers to a fault or error committed by the developer in the source code or in the design, which results in the generation of the unpredicted output. Bug can enter the system at any stage of the development of software as a result of mistake or fault arises due to human nature. It can be accidental, for example, while developing the program of comparing the two integers programmer might user ‘=’ instead of ‘==’, or missing and improper initialization and so on. Some of the bugs are not very serious, but some may have extremely serious consequences that may lead to financial loss or even threat to the human well-being. In accordance with the currently, released report of the NIST, software errors had cost the U.S economy $59.6 annually. Many such events had accounted in various fields like space exploration and medicals, for example: In the year 1980, a bug in the code controlling the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine was responsible for deaths of at least five patients. So, we can estimate that fixing of a bug is really important and essential. Students generally encounter many bugs or error while working upon the projects, either small or live projects. Fixing those makes you understand many deep concepts which either way is not possible, thus, students shouldn’t worry so much about them. However, making them fix is sometimes not possible on ourselves and faculty members are not always available for our help, thus due to unavailability of the help, students used to leave them as it is and prefer to buy the projects which result in dearth of awareness, which directly affects their career as they are not able to face the questions asked about their projects during the interviews by professionals. Therefore, there is a need for expert help who can help us to move out from this project web. Moreover, problem is not confined to the fixing of errors, students need to show the bug report explaining what all the errors they have encountered and their approach to fix them. Online help will be beneficial; Engineering Assignment Help can be accessed to get expert assistance in the subject. Online tutoring is offered by many experts from abroad who are dealing with live projects and fixing all kinds of bugs daily, this help will be worthwhile and profitable, it will cost less than buying a project and fruitful in a way that it will lead you to understand the basic concepts and will help you to face these problems further. In case if you are unable to get your requirement over the site, you can contact these experts and ask for their help while preparing the projects or report. Most demanded Magento extensions here