Bug is no more terror of error with online assistance

Software industry has dramatic growth in India from few decades, with such improvement India is emerging as an economy with techno-savvy manpower building an impressive and huge IT industry. Every year we have lot many engineers graduating, and searching the jobs mainly in the IT industry. Software development is a […]

Decide if Live Chat is Right for Your Business

A live chat option can be beneficial to many businesses because it provides instant help to your potential customers. There are many live chat services available. You can hire professionals to answer questions that your customers may have before making a purchase with you, or you could use this service […]

Reasons for using twitter poll for ecommerce business

Recently in the month of October, twitter has announced the launch of twitter poll that allows you to ask any question you want to ask people on twitter platform. This new feature gives you the liberty to ask people about any specific topic and allows you to see people’s responses. […]

5 apps that can make your life easier

Mobile apps when created and implemented correctly have the ability to impact people’s lives and make their everyday living easier. The 5 apps below are our top recommendations:   Mailwise. Mailwiseis an email app that will definitely make your life easier by bringing some organization into it. Indeed, this app […]

8 Common Web Designing Mistakes You Should Avoid

We have come to an era of advanced technology; sophisticated tools and software have made our work easy. Until few years ago building a website was a core technical job and only a professional web designer could do it, but these days anyone with the help of a web building […]