Linux virtual server hosting provides more value in terms of horsepower and power-packed features at a lower cost as compared to shared and dedicated hosting. Businesses on the rise need an upgrade in terms of Web hosting. Many entrepreneurs have taken the leap into utilizing the internet for marketing their businesses because it offers extensive coverage in terms of customer reach without breaking the bank. Linux virtual server hosting provides more flexibility and horsepower as compared to shared hosting and virtual server hosting that is tailor-fit to any business type.

Linux Virtual Server Hosting 101

VPS hosting has the synergy of dedicated hosting services and shared hosting.Linux virtual server hosting integrates your website on a server that runs along with other sites; with the exception that there are fewer sites placed on each server which has a lesser monthly or annual charge as compared to the price of dedicated hosting. VPS is basically hybrid in nature which could be a bit higher in costs than that of shared hosting but not nearly as expensive as dedicated hosting. Estimate costs would run around $20 to $100 per month; which depends mostly on VPS configuration. Virtual server hosting is set at a rough estimate of $100 per month or even more while shared web hosting can go as cheap as $10 per month. VPS hosting services mostly run on Linux-based operating systems which are relatively cheaper than Windows servers. Linux servers are $20 cheaper as compared to Windows servers. Linux virtual server hosting offers optimal performance which is relatively smoother in operation because it does not share resources with other sites. The thing is – it runs its own operating system, RAM, monthly data transfer limits, and storage which provides a stable site performance. Although you share server with neighboring sites, it does not affect your site performance and won’t even be able to take down your site as compared to having a shared hosting or virtual server hosting.

Virtual Server Hosting Features

Web hosting usually have different Linux virtual server hosting plans with varied amounts in terms of storage, RAM, email capability, monthly data transfers, and hosting. You should look for a web hosting service that has unlimited offers like unlimited monthly data transfers or unlimited domains and email; but be sure that there are no hidden charges connected to unlimited services by reading the fine print of your contract. The features of your Linux virtual server hosting depends on the needs and requirements of your business. It would be great to have an option for making unlimited email accounts with specific storage cap volume so you can conveniently scale email accounts without shelling out extra money. When choosing between a solid-state driver and a traditional hard drive – go for something hardcore but cost-effective. SSD is more durable and faster than traditional hard disk drives (HDD) even when you opt for virtual server hosting; however, it could cost more than the latter. Traditional hard drives though can get the job done at a fraction of the cost you get to spend for an SSD. Uptime and downtime should also be considered when shopping for Linux virtual server hosting services. This is said to be one of the most critical points to check when you are looking for a hosting service because if your site has more downtime than uptime, then all the perks and features would be useless anyway. Check too for money-back guarantees in case you’ll be using the service for a short time period only.