Online world is full of free and paid software. Each and every work is done easily by downloading software. For downloading songs and games, free software is like a blessing in disguise but for professional work nobody can take guarantee. In this article, we are going to discuss about free translation software that are frequently used by the companies. Although, translation software can solve so many problems but depending on them for professional and big proposals is a bit risky.  Below are the some points that challenge the software translation over professional manual translation: Repetitive Words? This point draws attention towards the automatic generated repetitive content. In any machine, there are limitations that it can only detect the already feed data. This drawback sometime ruins the content no matter what. For example, during translating English into French, word generated for one word is same all the time. More than that, if that one word comes a lot of times in a page, its translation version will be looked as repetitive. As a computer can only tell about already present data in the software, the content can easily identified as machine generated. software-localization No Options For Quality Consider a professional translator working on a project and simultaneously thinking on different ways that how a translated content could look and read well. This on the whole, leaves you with an option of getting a well-arranged and quality translation. On the other hand, in case of software you will get the repetitive line, no matter how many times it gets into the text. There are no options to increase the quality aspect in the translated text for the clients. One has to get satisfaction in whatever is present by the software.  Zero Discussion Scope At times, projects are too complex that it is mandatory to have a proper line of discussion for managing it. There is certain alignment that needs to work upon through meetings. But, all these things are not at all possible with a non-living thing. Here, the importance of hiring a professional translation agency increases a lot more! After hiring such language translation services in UK, one can discuss the project drawback, scope and style as well.  Drawback Of Technical Error There is no debate on the fact that that software based translations are fast but during any kind of technical error things can get wrong and the result could be disastrous. Let’s take a simple example, if by default any language alphabet is translated as another language alphabet then this will lead to multiple spelling, meaning, and quality error. Hence, it is rightly said that when technology meets the guidance of a man, this results in the ultimate success. From above it is quite clear that why not choose free translation for translation needs. Kerry Williams is actively engaged in managing Axis Technical Translations in the US. She loves translating games, software manuals, technical papers and similar other documents. During free time, she loves playing video games.