All accounts created in Instagram are not from active users and they hardly participate in the happenings of Instagram account. They are as good as null users or fake users, whose accounts are created only to take the attendance as Instagram follower. Initially their head count is noticed in the follower list later they hardly show their interest either for liking the post or to pass their interest to acknowledge the comment. The account holder should have knowledge to understand the difference between real instagram followers and dummy Instagram followers. Whether it is a real follower or a dummy follower, the charges collected to supply followers remains the same. Then there is no sense in wasting money on fake followers from bot accounts, whose click do not matter for future convenience. The real followers help the Instagram profile stay thriving and active. They interact regularly and respond to all uploads. The fake followers are meant only to increase count. Their number is absolutely not helpful to keep the account active. Provision of a big number may make the account look attractive in the beginning later the reality comes in front of all other users. It is better to be cautious in the beginning and smart decision to go with real Instagram followers. The major advantage of having real Instagram followers is that the person is assured of instant and guaranteed followers.


Otherwise there is no other alternative than waiting for the followers to get accumulated. The process may take one month or one year. This is a long time for any purpose oriented person to wait for the business to get popularized and too short period for competitors to overtake in business. Real followers participate for each and every post and their actual participation is sure to create seriousness in other account holders. It insists them to think about the merits and prepares them to follow next upload. The other rule is to buy real followers is to upload only the best photo because ultimate images make real impact on real owners. The basic understanding is required about real followers because they have shown interest in account holder’s profile. Regular upload of photos in the profile keep the real followers engaged and they know that there is going to be some update in the profile. The real users notice realistically they just don’t follow the profile blindly. Hence, some of the filters like normal, early bird, X-Proll, Hefe, Rise, Valencia, Amaro, Brannan, Lomo-fi and Hudson have to be used to highlight the effects on photos.

Retain real followers

Buying real Instagram followers is first part and it follows responsibility to retain them for some time. The account holder should be cautious to obtain real follower from the seller and make sure to use maximum of only three hashtags per photo to keep the followers engaged. Otherwise though the seller is selling the real followers, they may turn down after sometime due to poor images and poor usage of hashtags from profile owner. Some of the hashtags are follow, love, insta good, me, cute, throwback Thursday, photo of the day, eyes, nice, beautiful, happy, girl, insta collage, pic of the day, Christmas, insta daily and like. Abusing hash tags may bother real followers. Use of geo tags may help the followers or others to browse the photos looking for nearby places. The two most popular timings to post photos are in the morning and after working hours. The most suitable and popular timing in the week is Wednesday evening between 5.00 and 6.00 p m. Suitable captions should be provided to inform the viewer about the picture. All these steps help to continue with the real Instagram followers bought from the seller.