Those migrating to Mac from Windows platform may prefer to carry along favorite pet application to which they had got accustomed to. Even a Mac user might not be in a position to resist trying some of internet marketing baubles only available for windows. It is certain that internet marketing world of Windows side is filled with junk. It has large number of cheap, free and expensive products on which time need not be wasted. It is a fact that only a few applications run on Mac but these are valuable. But those keen on running windows program on Mac, can do so. Switch over to the Intel processors has provided excellent flexibility to Mac users in being in a position to run the Windows programs if required, while staying with Mac platform of their choice. It means that Windows applications and Windows can be run on Mac natively without speed sapping emulation which was necessary for Power PC. What it really means is that Windows applications and Windows can run as fast on Mac as on Dell box or HP. If you are planning to buy a new system do take a look at for appropriate discount coupons. windows Boot Camp This has been made easy by Apple with its software utility known as Boot Camp. This allows running of Windows and Windows applications on your Macintosh after buying and installing copy of Your Mac. Boot Camp Assistant that can be found in Utilities folder will partition your hard drive of Mac and also allocate some space for Windows operating system. Having done that insert the Window disk to click starts Installation in Boot Camp assistant. You can then boot to The Windows by keeping down option key at the startup. Mac will start running Windows and for all purposes, you would be using PC. Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMWare Fusion You will have to buy VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop for the Mac incase Mac applications and Windows have to run side-by-side without requirement of restart, along with copy of Windows. If you want new Mac, some resellers provide copy of VMWARE Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac free. But decent RAM needs to be installed on computer because two operating systems would be operating at same time. You can use Amazon India coupons while purchasing one to get good discounts. Parallels give you the ability of switching from Mac application to Windows program by clicking application window. Even software can be set to ensure that Windows OS is hidden. You will only see application windows of Windows program being run. Icons of windows even appear in Mac OS Dock. Crossover for Mac Crossover for Mac lets you run number of windows applications on Mac without installing Windows. This is done by installing the Windows native libraries that tricks Windows program to thinking as if running on real Windows operating system. Main limitation is that all Windows applications are not compatible with it. You will be offered 30 day trial for finding out favorite applications. Crossover Mac has two versions i.e. Professional and Standard. If one or two Windows applications are to be run, get a Crossover Mac using a Snapdeal promo code today.