Can you believe that the most popular Youtube channel earns $7 million per year? Or that over 2,700,000 Youtube videos are being watched every minute? The website Youtube makes an estimated $10,654 per minute based on their ad revenues. These stats are pretty incredible and the sheer scale of this website’s popularity is difficult to comprehend. Youtube videos come in an incredible range, from funny to serious to professionally made to amateur. You can see everything from funny television bloopers to educational how-to tutorials to serious documentaries to home videos – depending on what you are interested in. To illustrate some amazing facts about Youtube and how it works, check out this interesting and attractively designed infographic. It will show you the earning figures of the top 10 Youtube stars, as well as some other very interesting Youtube statistics and figures. It’s pretty amazing to think about the fact that when you are watching videos on your Youtube Downloader, there are millions of people who are also tuning into this popular website. With over 100 hours of video being uploaded every minute to Youtube, it seems like the popularity of the website won’t slow down anytime soon. Embedded code for the bottom for use on other sites – What Happens in a YouTube Minute- An infographic by the team at youtubedownload

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