Are your website hit by Google penguin update? Don’t worry about it. Google updated its algorithm on 24th April 2012 and mainly focus on Webspam. No one can describe the actual factors which Google includes in Penguin update. According our SEO experts views, Google dropped those websites which use spamming techniques to optimize their website. Following are few negative factors for penguin update: 1. Unnatural link building 2.  Very few Anchor text for links 3. Cloaking 4. Keyword stuffing 5. Hidden text on pages 6. over-optimization Mostly SEO companies hit by Google penguin update. It is biggest Google update after Google Panda update. The main Question:  How to recover from Google penguin update? All website’s owner is searching above question who are suffering from penguin update. We have analyzed few factors which are really important for recovery. Your website will come back after few days if you will try our SEO tips. Following are few tips to recover your website ranking: 1. Make more quality links to pages but slowly slowly 2. Promote your website with more than 10 keywords 3. Remove links from blogrolls or site wide links 4. Check content for duplicacy via 5. Add Google +1 button on your website. 6. Remove low quality links 7. Remove hidden text from your website. 8. Remove anchor text if mamimum links are focusing on very few anchor text. 9. Avoid all Black hat SEO techniques. 10. Stop article publishing with spin content. If you apply above tips, may be your website will come back soon. If you are unable to do above SEO task, you can hire good reputed SEO company to fix all issues.