LG is doing interesting job with its smartphone units, its new experiments are welcome by the smartphone fans and one example that shine like success of LG was LG G3, that was launched last year.

LG G3 is powered with 16MP main camera and it has dual flash. As for the dual LED-flash is used, its main purpose – to make photos look more natural in the dark. LEDs have a different color temperature and the camera intelligently adjusts to the environment by using them in different capacities depending on the situation – in combination turns the backlight color you want. In general – photos taken using the flash out of higher quality and more visually pleasing.

Besides, will not go away OIS camera – it is present and helps to reduce the effect of blurred photos and videos twitching caused by unsteady hands of mobile photography.

Of the camera has also undergone significant changes. It has become easier, has become more lightweight design and ergonomic interface seriously improved. For a start – when you first start the camera starts in a simplified form – absolutely no functional on-screen buttons. In this mode, you can only do a quick photo by touching the screen anywhere on the screen – the camera focuses at the specified point and produce a picture.

To call other functions of the camera, you must do three points located in the upper left corner of the screen – the camera will switch to the standard of the interface with buttons and menus. Here you can already shoot the traditional way – by pressing on-screen buttons and switch shooting modes, change settings, apply effects.

In standard mode, tap on the screen determines the focus point manually, instead of auto focus, and it shot by pressing the button. We cannot mention improvement in burst mode – now he just reactive and does not require separate activation in the menu – just hold down the shutter button of the camera. In addition, pleases mode change the point of focus when shooting video – a must mode on the screen in the right place.

LG G3 camera is capable of capturing video in HD, FullHD – 60 fps, UltraHD – 30 fps and 720p lapse – 120 fps. There are various effects when shooting photos and video – panorama, picture in picture and HDR mode. The front camera has also received major improvements. It is equipped with 2.1 Megapixel matrix optics and a wide viewing angle – perfect for video, as well as for self. There is support for images on the tin – just squeeze the open hand into a fist.

With regard to the quality of the photos and videos – it just fine. So story won’t end here, LG is going to launch another beast LG G4 to be the best among phones like iPhone 6S and Galaxy Note 5.