Recently in the month of October, twitter has announced the launch of twitter poll that allows you to ask any question you want to ask people on twitter platform. This new feature gives you the liberty to ask people about any specific topic and allows you to see people’s responses. On a twitter poll, you can create any poll and see instant responses within 24 hours to your question.


Whether it is about starting a campaign, product launching, or any ecommerce business, getting feedbacks via polling is one of the greatest way to get a clear idea on people’s reaction for your product. Nowadays, e Commerce business is gradually pacing up with online business. If you are an online retailer or into e Commerce business, twitter poll is a great way to know about certain following things:

  • What people think about your product?
  • Are people interested buying your product?
  • What people would like to add or change in your product?
  • What are the reactions of your customers?

Why to use twitter polling?

This is something that you should know before you actually get started with it. Since there are many other social platforms, then what is the need to use twitter polling system to determine the success or failure of a product or a campaign. Why twitter poll? Well, this is a good question that needs to be answered, Twitter has gradually become a popular social networking platform where people tweets and discusses on hot topics and last but not the least, it is one of the best platforms to get informed about what’s going around the world.

Although twitter polling is a new concept introduced on twitter, in fact people have been doing it through either retweet or favourite to vote way to count votes. However, poll system would appear to be more effective and easy way to know about the public opinion on a specific thing.

How twitter poll can help your ecommerce business?

On your twitter account, you can create a poll to weigh in on question you want to ask your followers and people via twitter platform. When it comes to creating of twitter poll, it is really easy to create and see the responses of the poll result. It allows you answer anonymously the question within 24 hours.The biggest advantage of conducting twitter poll is that you don’t have to go door-to-door survey to know about what people think.

Polling results gives you an opinion of people in the form of choices provided in the twitter poll system. Twitter poll feature provides you two or more choices to the people to give their opinion on the asked question. There are several reasons that explains on this feature of twitter help growing your ecommerce business.


Reasons for twitter polling system

Creating a twitter poll is not tough, all you need to tweet a question and provide customers with two or more choices to get their opinions on the poll system.

  • Quick and speedy feedback

This new feature of twitter gives you quick and speedy feedback from the people about your online business. At times, it becomes very messy and difficult to bring out the real reaction of people on your business. Polling is easy as people read the question and select one option from the given options. Within 24 hour, you can see what is the final result of your poll.

  • Market research for your product

Through this polling, you can also get ask people that what things they want to see in your product or how they want to be served. Drop off the age old way of sending emails to your customers in order to get their opinion on a particular thing and start twitter polling to know what people want.

  • Vote on your product

Polling is a great way to get people’s vote on your product. This way, you can get votes on your product and also promote it among the masses. Votes will tell you about what kind of customers are interested in your product and also how many want your product.

  • Customer’s reactions on your product

If you want your customers to remember your brand, you must keep them engaged with something that will always keep your brand alive in their minds. What else be the better way than twitter polling system? With this new feature, you can know what are people’s responses on your brand.

  • Popularity of the product

Poll’s results can reveal how popular your brand have become among the masses. If high number of votes falls in favor of your brand, it describes the success of your brand in the form of votes.

  • Brand engagement and people interaction

Twitter poll boosts brand engagement and customer interaction with you through via poll results and you can even ask them about the changes they are looking forward in the product. This way, you can boost brand engagement and product marketing as well.

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Over to you

When it comes to asking question to your customers, digital polling is one of the best ways to gauge public opinion. The biggest question is that what platform to choose for e commerce business and why. Twitter has gradually gained popularity and most of the people (including public figures) like to poll on this social networking site.

Is it is a good feature or not? It can’t be answered as it is too early to say anything yet on it. However, so far, the reaction of people has been positive, and most of the big brands have started using twitter poll to find out their customer’s reaction.

So what do you think about twitter poll feature?

1) Like it?

2) Don’t like it?



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