There are instances when mobile phones should be replaced due to circumstances. There may be a factory defect and the like. If this happens, the buyer has the right to ask for replacement, provided they should clarify things that are based on written agreement. If ever you are in a situation wherein you would like your phone to be replaced and it is by way of online transaction, you must have an intelligent approach to this. Prepare all the documents you need and write an incident report regarding what happened. It will cost you a few amount of money, but it is possible to have a new one. If you purchased a Nokia Lumia 1320 pret or Nokia Lumia 1020 pret, the best thing to do is keep all the papers and transaction receipts on one safe place. Read also the terms and conditions so that you will know your rights. The reason why buyers are deprived of their rights is because they are not aware of it anyways. So, next time, be on guard with your phones especially if it is very expensive. Fight for your right and report right away, as early as possible the problems that you may encounter. Must visit: