Smartphones and tablets are devices that have become highly popular and this has made the individuals to get easy access to anything and everything that you need. The heath care is another area where the apps that are available in the smartphones and tablets can be of greater help. Android tablet pc is helpful in providing with much amount of functionality that allows the better apps to be used in them and get benefitted. smartphones The surveys have revealed the fact that only a very small portion of the physicians are making use of the apps available in tablets and smartphones for aiding them in treating various diseases and other things that are associated with medical practising. Among the users of medical apps, most of them makes use of smartphones rather than tablets. There are certain medical apps that have become highly popular so that the patients and doctors are benefitted in treating a disease in an effective manner. Android tablet cases are found of higher use in the medical field by the doctors to make their job done in a much easier manner.   The influence of the technology over the medical field is much noteworthy; the devices that are used in the medical field are making use of the latest technology. The apps that are available in the medical field are capable of making the best services available to both the patients as well as doctors and reduce the risk associated to patients in case of wrong decision from the doctors regarding the treatments.   Smartphones and tablet technology has redefined the way the healthcare sector functions. Things have become much easier with the clinical apps as they are capable if providing greater amount of support to the physicians. These technologies have made it possible for the doctor to get access to the information that he needs from internet or can even use it for having a video call while carrying out a surgery so that he get better ideas from experts who are located at distant places. These technologies can make the teachers save lot of time so that they get more time for handling their patients and going through the medical records and provide the better methods of treatments to the patients.   There are many apps that are suitable to be used by medical practitioners as per the FDA regulation and these apps can only be made used by the physicians so that they are sure about getting positive results. The five most popular apps that are available in the market are epocrates, medscpae, medcalc, skyscape, and domixity.   The significance of each of these apps should be known before use. Epocrates can be considered as the king of clinical apps as this is the mostly widely used app. This app is a greater help to the doctors as it helps in providing with all the information about the prescribed drugs along with their side effects. Gives news related with medical science and also the researches done on the field are also provided by this app.   The other app that is available is the medscape that can provide the information on drugs that are used for treatment of diseases. It also provides videos that can explain the procedure of a surgery and also provides materials for continuing medical education. You can buy these products at using Amazon coupons.