Samsung has launched the refreshed new Galaxy J7 2016 and Galaxy J5 2016 models in India in order to continue the popularity that the Galaxy J-series received when it was first launched last year. The Indian smartphone buyers have become highly quality and feature conscious and they want much more in their smartphones today than what money could buy even a couple of years back. Thus, the mobile manufacturing companies have to be very careful about what they release in the market in order to ensure their success. Thus, the South Korean tech major has released the updated 2016 version of its popular J-series in order to ensure that the smartphone duo continue with the sales momentum that they created last year. For that, both the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 and the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 have come with lots of updates in order to survive the intense market competition and to impress the buyers with new capabilities and features.

Here we are going to look at only the bigger model of the duo, the new updated Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 and find out the top 5 features that you should know before you decide to buy this smartphone.

So, here’s a look at the top 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016:

All Metal Design

Nowadays almost all mid-ranged phones and even some budget smartphone models come flaunting all metal construction to offer a premium look and stronger built quality. The all metal body which used to be meant only for the very expensive premium devices even recently has now become superbly popular in the lower segments of the mobile market as well. Samsung took its time to upgrade to the all metal built even for its flagship models which made it face a lot of criticism, but it is not so late for its mid-rangers. The new Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has ditched its predecessor’s plastic construction and comes boasting a new premium metal frame which has changed the entire look and feel of the phone although the design has not actually changed. The new Galaxy J7 2016 thus, looks premium and much more impressive than before especially given its mid-ranged status.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

5.5 Inch Super AMOLED Display

Galaxy J7 2016 boasts of a Super AMOLED display that is 5.5 inch large. The Super AMOLED screen technology offers high clarity and excellent viewing angles while being thinner and more power efficient than the regular LCD displays. The AMOLED display also makes the Galaxy J7 2016 less reflective, which makes it highly usable outdoors in bright light and even under direct sunlight which other types of display can’t offer without difficulties.

Android Marshmallow OS

Even very recently, the latest Android OS version Marshmallow was said to be not available in the Galaxy J7 2016, but it does come braced with the latest Android OS out of the box. The latest Android operating system will offer a whole bunch of new abilities and conveniences. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is an affordable mid-ranger from Samsung, its offering the Marshmallow right of the box is a really great thing for the users. Now, the Samsung fans will get to have the convenience of the latest Android OS even in a cheaper option. Android Marshmallow offers a lot of handy features including Google Now on Tap, Google Voice Search from the lock screen, enhanced cut and paste system, Smart Lock for passwords, and a lot more.

Good Hardware Specs

The Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 comes with good hardware specs that make it a good performer. Now, it even comes with a faster processor to offer quicker and smoother performance. The Galaxy J7 2016 comes powered with quad core CPU that ticks at a speed level of 1.6 GHz. The processor come backed with the support of 2 GB of RAM which ensures that the device offers impressive performance and offer smooth multimedia experience as well as multitasking abilities.

The Galaxy J7 2016 offers 16 GB of onboard storage which is not great, but it does come with the flexibility of a microSD card slot of memory expansion. And thus, all the heavy file carriers can easily store a humongous amount of date in the device by just inserting a small microSD card into the device’s provided slot.

Improved Battery Backup & Excellent Cameras

The new Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 now comes with a bigger battery than its predecessor and should also offer enhanced battery backup with a single charge. The device comes packed with a better 3,300 mAh battery pack which should easily offer a whole day long full of rich smartphone experience to the users.

The Galaxy J7 2016 continues with the excellent cameras of the older model. Both the cameras of the smartphone offer excellent photo shooting experience and crisp images with good details. The Galaxy J7 2016 comes flaunting a 13 MP primary rear camera which offers great snaps. The smartphone also comes with dual-tone dual flash now over the single regular flash of the 2015 model. This means you can now take great pictures even in low light conditions without the unnatural white effect of the regular flash, as the dual-tone dual flash offers better lighting while maintaining natural colors. On the other hand, for all the selfie lovers, there’s also a capable 5 MP front facing secondary snapper that also offers sharp and details selfies as well as offer quality video chat sessions. Although the MP count might not sound anything above standard, the picture quality and overall performance of both the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 are really impressive which is totally above the cheap mid-ranged standards.

Final Words

The Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is a superb new mid-ranged smartphone device from the house of Samsung. It has lots of improvements in terms of built, OS, RAM and battery and also comes with added features like the ‘S Bike’ features that aids the bikers ride safely without being distracted by calls. You can find more on the new Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 on where you can find all the specs details of the phone. 91mobiles also provides price and seller details on the Galaxy J7 2016.

While the new Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is not as impressive as some of the Chinese mid-rangers like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, it certainly has brand power on its side, plus the high quality standard guarantee that comes with all Samsung products. In short, the new Galaxy J7 2016 is totally worth your money.