It’s quite interesting to earn money through your new website or new blog, if you know a few do’s and don’ts of website monetization. A website with an attendance of 100-2000 visitors per day can help you get 400-800$ annually, while with an attendance of approx 2000 visitors per day you may earn more than 1500$. But to start with a completely new website, you will have to know how blog monetization can help you with the same.


  • Interesting but not easier– First of all let me tell you one thing that it might be interesting to hear to get paid for blog posts but it’s not easier than any other job. You need to have a complete knowledge about website monetization and you need to work hard to get traffic on your blog.
  • Bring a consistent traffic– Revenue from a blog totally depends on the traffic quality. To get a stable income to must have a regular attendance of a good number of visitors. In a round figure, you need almost 2000 daily visitors on your blog for a good amount of income and for that you will have to create posts that are not only interesting, but also can bring high traffic.
  • Get paid through advertising– To get a high traffic on your blog, you need a good ranking on SERP’s and you need to invest a lot of time and money for that. Posting a lot of ads on a new blog won’t help you anyway; moreover, it can affect the rating of your blog. It’s better to go for LinksManagement offers where you pay only once and get traffic from Google for the whole month.
  • Affiliate programs are a great tool– One another way to optimize your blog is going for affiliate programs. It’s an automated marketing program where a web advertiser places the Merchant’s ad on his own website through a team of webmasters. There are a number of affiliate programs available but you should go for a program with a theme similar to your blog. You may also host the affiliate program where the site or blog is situated. You can also go for info course affiliate program such as if you are a travel blog, go for affiliate programs on sale of tickets, hotel reservation and other related things.
  • Promotion and Monetization of a new blog– If you have created a totally new blog, just filling it with too much content and doing on page optimization is not enough to promote your page, as you won’t have any visitors on your blog. There are various steps to promote your site, but I am mentioning a few of them that are quite helpful for a young blog.
  1. First of all create a Sitemap that lists each page of your blog and tells search engines that how many new pages or topics have added and to come back on the pages after a certain interval.
  2. Install a Google XML Sitemap Plug-in which will automatically create and update the sitemap for your blog and submit it to search engines.
  3. Create an account with Google and submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.
  4. Create and update social profiles, as the social networking websites are a quite helpful to get high traffic on your blog.
  5. Create offsite content such as guest post services to the blogs in your niche to get more links more links to your blog.