HMTL to pdf tools have become hugely popular these days especially because of their unmatched ability to convert any html document into a pdf format. Until recently, many organizations enforced manual practices for the conversion of html documents to a pdf format that were highly tedious and drew a great deal of time. However, with html to pdf tool things have been changing lately and a good amount of business entities have started showing interest in procuring these tools to induct more efficiency and rapidity in their html to pdf conversion tasks. convert-html-to-pdf The following section cites top 4 html to pdf tools of 2015 that are a must go through. You can browse these tools to select the one that suits to your specifications in the most ideal manner.

Top 4 HTML to PDF Tools

1.     Convert HTML to PDF Online

This tool is primarily an online tool to convert html documents into pdf format. It uses an input dialog box where users can input the document to be converted in various forms. You can either choose to upload an html file, or an URL to fetch the converted document into pdf format.

2.     HTML to PDF

HTML to PDF is principally a website based online html to pdf converter. However, it also offers users to make some modifications in the document to be converted. It allows the user to change the size ratio of the page, fix it inboth portrait or landscape format and some other options that enriches the quality of the document.

3.     Web2PDF

Apart from regular conversion tasks, Web2PDF is particularly known for a unique service that allows users to convert html documents to pdf format via email. All you need to do is to send an email to and you will get back the converted pdf document back to your email. However, this converter is fairly low on other functionalities.

4.     Expert PDF HTML to PDF Converter

When it comes to functionalities no html to pdf converter can ever match the level of expert pdf html to pdf converter. This converter is laden with several features and offers users tons of functionalities to enrich the conversion process. There are several tools present in this converter that facilitate quick and easy conversion. Furthermore, several security features have been incorporated in this converter so as to make the document fairly secure and away from the risk of any unauthorized access. These were some of the most popular and highly functional html to pdf tools for 2015 that can be used to convert html documents to pdf format quickly and easily. You can browse through their features and specifications to find the one that is in accordance with your requirements.