ASP.NET, one among the server-side web application frameworks that’s designed for web development to develop dynamic websites could be a quick growing development framework. It comes with too many quality selections with reference to extensible CMS. CMS platform reposed on the top of is accessible on both, the premium or open source with outstanding preferences. empowers the CMS platforms to develop compelling websites with great sides in terms of practicality and security.

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We are discussing leading hierarchal CMS platforms engineered on the top of for forming larger websites:


Umbraco is an open source project initially launched in 2004 that’s culminating within the chart of recognition. It is designers’ favorite as a result of its offer of open templating and skill to form guidelines that auto-format the content. CMS Wire dubbed it as the best open-source net CMS in the year 2009 and it has average download of 1000 on a daily basis (via Codeplex).

It uses ASP.NET ‘master pages’ and XSLT. Editors may be customized for total practicality and the the} platform also supports multi language websites with full management over your CSS styles and codes to yourself. Convenient packages with sensible support of Umbraco make the preparation of a brand new web site quicker and simple. Hosting problems don’t arise because it works with varieties of databases.

MojoPortal CMS

MojoPortal CMS is as well totally featured, open source, multi-platform, multi database supported CMS and web application framework supported framework and written in C# programming language. It has got several included options like Blogs, Google Maps, Contact Form, Surveys, Event Calendar, Polls, Surveys, ecommerce and else more.


Another acclaimed .net based CMS platform is Sitecore. Key options are intelligent tools. Their in-built cross channel competences offers record of client engagement of your web site. Sitecore places cool emphasis on client interaction and integration of social media. These systems are simply integrated by Sitecore.

One of the substantial aspects of Sitecore is that it has got numbers of various modular supplementary components which will be added to increase the functionality of the CMS together with intranet, eCommerce and totally purposeful digital promoting system.


Used typically for enterprise grade eCommerce systems, Kentico is next powerful intranet CMS that renders multiple licensing alternatives. Its free license causes you to to retail their logo and copyright on your page whereas the business version offers support and allows you to work without their branding. The UI is the coolest portion of Kentico that lets amateurs to use on the go.

Kentico focuses on Content Management, Ecommerce and Social Networking (in a broad base), that’s cool platform for different varieties of technophiles.


Axcms is an enterprise category web CMS and application framework for creation and management of extremely scalable and interactive web applications and websites primarily based on Microsoft .NET platform. It permits enterprises to enhance their process potency and cut back operational costs. Axcms could be the first enterprise web CMS, that has integrated Silverlight based ribbon toolbar that enables editor to manage and design enterprise websites with a rare usability expertise for CMS users.


Since its origin in 2002, DotNetNuke has undisputedly been the most widespread ASP.NET content management system. It comes with multiple versions thus it’s lead it to popularity the reason being obvious all segments- the beginners, SMBs and bigger enterprises.

If open source community’s support isn’t adequate you’ll opt for DotNetNuke Community Edition. With its professional Edition, you’ll get additional advanced features and support from its corporation. Next version is Enterprise edition where there are upgraded options with immediate phone support.


Sitefinity is another CMS platform grounded ASP.NET that’s specially engineered to resolve challenges that developers face giving the most recent code-base and enfolding mobile. It’s a classic CMS platform where developers would like transparency to customise and extend comes once needed. It permits to manage their content expeditiously.

A popular selection of developers, Sitefinity provides solutions to multiple features- accountable web design, mobile websites or mobile applications. Through it, content may be delivered to any device or screen size. Their agile Mobile App Builder allows website’s content to make a mobile app directly in the UI. Moreover, Sitefinity additionally makes sure that it’s compatible with any app store. Thus, it’s the most fashionable .NET web content management platform out there on the market nowadays.