Sharepoint is considered as one of the best online collaboration software and is most commonly preferred by large companies having a huge budget. It is due to the fact that this software requires a pricey hardware, technical expertise, huge implementation and several features which are not fit for a small business. If you are running a small business, there is definitely the need for finding software which can use as a Sharepoint alternative. There are various other software available in the market which can be considered by you in order to make your work easier and gain efficiency.

Software project management, this is what is demanded by the companies of today due to the increasing complexities of the business. Some of the various issues which might be faced by the users of Sharepoint include the following.

The data server of this software takes data in an unstructured manner. All the files are stored on the server in the form of binary large object which make it troublesome for the employees or team members to identify the data. However, if anyone wants some data from the server, the files are reassembled. This is just a waste of time as well as space on the server.

With the passage of time the supporting hardware of the software might stop responding creating the need for a new hardware which can support the performance of the software.

So, these are some issues due to which you might require a sharepoint alternative.