In this year, you will observe a continuous decline in the usage of the legacy browsers. You will definitely see an increase in various web development technologies. This huge transition will motivate the web developers to create faster apps that will perform consistently in all types of devices ranging from laptops, desktops to smartphones and tablets. The designers have move forward putting aside the old customs and design trends. Now the designers build applications without the use of the heavy fallbacks and hack polyfills. So, below are some of the top predictions and trends that you will surely see in this year.

  1. More Use Of 3D Web Graphics

Most of the intelligent developers are taking benefits of the 3D capabilities of the recent developed web browsers. The developers want to see an increase in the assistance for CSS3 3D transforms like a lightweight, mobile-friendly technique of rendering the 3D graphics. The use of HTML canvas is increasing in the recent years. In 2015, you can see more impressive apps, presentations, graphics and games that are harnessing the recent experimental 3D context with the help of WebGL. In these days, the development of the 3D canvas is on the verge of popularization and most of the web developers are making strategies to bring this web development into a mainstream. The web developers of GO Gulf Web Design Dubai use various types of 3D graphics in the websites.


  1. The Use Of The HTML5 JavaScript API

Below are some of the coolest APIs in the context of HTML 5 JavaScript specifications. The Web Storage offers a cleaner alternative to the cookies. Data can now be stored locally on the website user’s browsers. This concept will be quite handy for the users in the mobile applications. It allows simple offline storage of important data and information. The Web Workers allow several types of complex JavaScript tasks that are performed without the penalties simultaneously.  The web workers are one of the important building blocks for every type of mobile web app that strives to perform like a native app.

The web sockets are quite exciting and impressive at the same time. The web developers are increasing the use of the web sockets for performing the live chats and online gaming facilities. Most of the browsers in the present days are ready to start the use of some awesome features.

  1. Responsive Design Has Now Become Mandatory

In this year, most of the websites are created keeping in mind the concept of responsive website design. The web developers are planning to create websites that are easily viewed from all type of devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones and even in tablets. As most of the web developers have the frameworks like the Bootstrap and Foundation, they are widely using the responsive web design strategies. In a responsive website design, there is no use of the scroll bars. The content is adjusted to all type of screens without compromising the screen sizes.


These are a few predictions in the field of web development. Some other trends include more use of the HTML 5 video, use of JavaScript and use of the creative cookies. The web design Dubai services are very effective and have changed the entire idea of web development.