Junk cleaner is a necessity for every Mac user because it does not take much time for your Mac to turn into a slow processing machine. There are a lot of reasons for this heavy and slow processing but the good thing is,you can get rid of it.  A clean-up and tune-up utility called Movavi, is getting popular because of its awesome features and functions. As I have mentioned above that at some point, you will be needing this utility to clean junk files from the Mac, so why shouldn’t purchase this marvellous Mac cleaning software from the start? Maybe you are looking for some more details and advantages of this utility over others. I am describing some of the best features that will help you to understand why you should prefer Movavi Mac cleaner software.

Movavi Mac Cleaner Features

After installing Movavi Mac cleaner software, it will start to scan your hard drive for junk and trash files. After the scan will be completed, you will see the space that will get released after cleaning the hard drive. So, it is the best simple option that you will see in a software. Also, the graphical interface is very friendly and eye catching. Some mentionable features that distinguish this software from others are

Automatic Deep Scanning

Automatic deep scan feature helps by scanning for junk and trash files automatically every time your Mac will power on. The feature is very helpful because this way no threat can leave even the proximity. You can then clear the scanned junkand your Mac will be clear before the mess will affect the machine. It is recommended to allow the application to run at the operating system start-up.

Deep Scanning and System Clean-up

There are many options for you to select which type of files you want to remove after scanning. Automatic deep scan feature will only delete those files which are permitted to remove. You need to switch on and switch off the options (or file types) from the custom menu on the left side of the Movavi Mac cleaner software. You can also select files to remove from the detail scanning results and this way you can make sure that next time there will be no file of the specific type.


Uninstalling an application may be a cause of headache because some applications contain the virus or malware in them and they refuse everytime to uninstall. Movavi Mac cleaner software consists of a feature to uninstall this kind of applications. This uninstaller not just clean that application, but also clear the residual files which can have some kind of virus in them. Above mentioned features are not generally found in many Mac cleaning software and if any software has those features, its prices go up to the sky. Movavi software is offering many tools and features at a great reasonable price and it makes this software unique.